High School Activities

Ping Pong Club
High School listings are subject to change. For more information for meeting days and times please visit the Horizon Honors Secondary Calendar.

Art Club Do you enjoy art of any kind? Join us! You do not have to be in an art class to participate. You just need to want to try new things and expand your skills at whatever level of development you are currently at - no experience necessary. Must Pay Club Dues Mrs. Buttrey 9th-12th Grade
Band Council Band Council is comprised of elected members from Symphonic Band. The function of the Band Council is to support the band program through leadership, fundraisers, social activities and service activities.  Mr. Adam 7th-12th Grade
Black Student Union (BSU) BSU was created to allow Black students to share experiences and to bring awareness to cultural and social differences that can be experienced on and off campus. The club is committed to providing an inclusive and engaging environment through community outreach, student discussions and various activities. Mrs. Elkins/Ms. Ledford/Mr. McClendon 9th-12th Grade
Choir Council
Choir  Council is comprised of elected members from all choirs with leadership positions filled by members of the Cantabile Honors Chorale. Choir Council supports the choir program through fundraisers, social activities, performance opportunities, and festivals.
Mr. Granger
7th-12th Grade
Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)  The Fellowship of Christian Athletes is a non-denominational Christian Sports ministry that focuses on students, campuses, athletics, and the community as a whole. Specifically, members of the club can come together to praise God and learn how to play their sport with a Christian-focused attitude. FCA  seeks to inspire through engaging, equipping, and empowering coaches and athletes to know and grow in Christ and lead others to do the same. Mr. Henderson  9th-12th Grade
 GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance)  The GSA is a club with the goal of informing, discussing, and creating a safe and inclusive environment for all LGBTQ+ and allied students and staff members. Discussions will include topics like LGBTQ+ history and civil rights, school-appropriate education on different parts of the community, and legacies/historical figures of the LGBTQIA+ community.  We will create and maintain a safe space for our members.  The GSA will also focus on maintaining the practice of treating others with respect.  Overall, the GSA wants to push forward an environment and understanding of mutual respect and community.  Miss Carlson  9th- 12th Grade
Girls Who Code Girls Who Code encourages and engages young women in computer science and programming while striving to increase the percentage of women in computer science. All experience levels are welcome. Mrs. Cahill 7th-12th Grade
 High School Gaming Club  The High School Gaming Club will center around the enjoyment of Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Magic: The Gathering; and Dungeons and Dragons.  This club will provide a safe space for members to have fun by playing, discussing, and interacting within the context of these games.  New games can be added to the club by the voting process.     Mr. Evans  9th - 12th Grade
International Thespian Society The International Thespian Society (ITS) is the Educational Theatre Association’s honorary organization for students.  Our Thespian Troupe encourages involvement in all aspects of theatre arts and theatrical expression. Membership is earned by participating in the theatre program at Horizon Honors (no just acting) and accumulating points for admission.  Thespians receive a wide range of benefits and opportunities throughout their high school careers and become Thespian alumni after graduation. Must Pay Club Dues Mr. Garrett 
Mrs. Wood
9th-12th Grade
Key Club Key Club International is a part of the Kiwanis International family of service-leadership programs. It is one of the oldest and largest service programs for high school students. Key Club is a student-led organization whose goal is to encourage leadership through helping others. Our club engages in volunteer projects both on campus, through peer tutoring, and in the community. Horizon Honors Key Club requires each member to complete 50 hours of volunteer service per year. 10 of those hours should come from Key Club sponsored projects and events. Must Pay Club Dues Mrs. Appel 9th-12th Grade
Linguistics Club Linguistics Club encourages students to learn about and conduct original research in the field of linguistics, offering the opportunity to publish their findings in scientific journals. Mr. Evans 9th-12th Grade
Model United Nations (MUN) Model United Nations, also known as Model UN or MUN, is an activity in which students role play delegates to the United Nations and simulate UN committees. This activity takes place at the high school club level or at MUN conferences.  MUN involves substantial researching, public speaking, debating, and writing skills, as well as critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership abilities. Must Pay Dues and Individual Fees for Competitions
Mrs. Burns 9th-12th Grade
National Honor Society (NHS) The National Honor Society serves to honor those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, and character. Members provide tutoring during the school year as well as being very involved in community service. Much volunteer work is done for worthwhile organizations such as the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, the PF Chang Rock & Roll Marathon, Pat's Run, and Feed My Starving Children. Membership applications are taken at the appointed time in second semester.  Must Pay Dues Mrs. Bradley 9th-12th Grade
 The Origami Aviators Club  
The Origami Aviators Club is focused on improving folding and precision skills.  Lessons will be taught on folding mechanics through discussion and video.  There will be folding competitions in addition to several category-based challenges.  Become an Origami Aviator today!
 Mrs. Buttrey  7th-12th Grade
Pickleball Club The Pickleball Club will provide students with an education in Pickleball rules and strategies in addition to giving students the chance to compete against one another.  Students will provide their own transportation to and from Pecos park.   Ms. Sorel

Starting 2nd Semester
7th-12th Grade
 Pre-Med Club  
The Pre-Med is focused on students who are interested in attending medical school or have an interest in pursuing a career in the medical field. The club will introduce you to tips, skills, and opportunities that will help with your career pursuit. 

 Mrs. Bors  7th-12th Grade
Red Cross Club The Red Cross club works in coordination with the American Red Cross Arizona and New Mexico Region.  All students will register as Red Cross volunteers.  We will help various Red Cross initiatives including the Youth Action Campaign for Red Cross's International Humanitarian Law (IHL) Campaign.  The IHL Campaign is an education initiative to teach about universal rules and humanitarian limits within wars. Ms. Driggs 9th-12th Grade
StuCo -Student Council Officers in the Horizon Honors High School Student Council are strong student leaders. They are representatives of the student body, ones who idealize the success of the school’s goals as well as their own and are prepared to lead the student body in pursuit of those goals. As the elected voice for the student body, they are prepared to represent and work for the ideas of their fellow students. As mature, enthusiastic leaders they serve as role models for their fellow students and for Horizon Honors High School at all times.  The Executive Board is elected in May each year and then the remaining officers when we return to school in August.
Mr. Garrett, Mrs.Baird & Mrs. Kingman 9th-12th Grade
Travel Clubs National & International Horizon Honors is excited to offer a variety of educational travel opportunities.  These opportunities not only enhance a student’s education, but create life experiences which build self-confidence.  Travel, whether national or international, awakens the senses—and mind—to different cultures, people, languages, and experiences.  Trips will vary by year and include a variety of opportunities including language immersion, service learning, and hands-on workshops or training.  Through these experiences students enhance their knowledge of history, language, art, architecture, theatre, literature, science, and culture while navigating the cities of the world, making friends, and having life experiences that create unforgettable memories.  Club members participate in pre-travel education and exercises to prepare for the specific trip and record on-trip reflections that recount each day's adventures to the Horizon Honors community via Facebook and Instagram.
Ms. McKinney 9th-12th Grade
Wilderness Club Wilderness Club encourages student use, knowledge, and appreciation of the outdoors through activities which draw students out from their classes and homes.  Outdoor activities and trips reflect student interests. An annual trip is a long weekend excursion to the Catalina Island Marine Institute with a program that centers on marine and terrestrial biology, and includes a variety of outdoor activities, such as snorkeling, rock climbing, hiking.  Other outdoor adventures throughout the school year are based on the interest of the club.
Mrs. Bors 9th-12th Grade
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