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Horizon Honors Secondary School
Horizon Honors High School – Grades 9-12
Horizon Honors Middle School – Grades 7-8

480-659-3000 – Secondary School Office
[email protected] – Attendance Line
16233 South 48th Street Phoenix, AZ 85048

Paul Schneider

Mr. Paul Schneider

[email protected]

Stacy Dietz
Mrs. Stacy Dietz
Assistant Principal
[email protected]
Roger Wood

Mr. Roger Wood 
Dean of Student Services
[email protected]

Joshua Garrett
Mr. Joshua Garrett
Dean of Curriculum & Instruction
[email protected]
Heather Wallace  

Mrs. Heather Wallace
Student Advisor
[email protected]

 No Photo Graphic Ms. Sara Lovell
Student Advisor
[email protected]
Amanda Tagle  Mrs. Amanda Tagle
College & Career Advisor
[email protected]
Barb Waltman  

Mrs. Barb Waltman
Director of Special Education
[email protected]

Nate Agostini  

Mr. Nate Agostini
Athletics Director
[email protected]

For some information on contacting additional Horizon Honors Secondary School staff members, click here. 

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