Eagle Statue Facelift!

Eagle Statue Facelift!
Posted on 01/11/2024
Photo of Boy Scouts with Eagle Statue
Horizon Honors High School Freshman Gavin Flusche has been working on his Boy Scout Eagle Project for eight months. His chosen project, to refurbish the Eagle Statue in the High School Courtyard, took 128+ hours of volunteer time! Gavin managed 20 volunteers over the planning process, with 17 volunteers (primarily Boy Scouts) physically working on the project over a 4-day period during Winter Break.
Gavin chose to refurbish the eagle as his project because he wanted to give back to Horizon Honors. Gavin loves the fact that the founder of our school, Larry Pieratt, was an Eagle Scout.
For over 20 years the mascot has been in the courtyard and over time needed an update. He thought it would be cool to renew our mascot and in doing so boost school pride.
Thank you, Gavin! 🙌

Gavin with Eagle Statue at Night

Boy Scouts painting the Eagle Statue

Gavin with Eagle Statue during the day

Boys Scouts with Eagle Statue
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