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shaheenWelcome to Horizon Honors Secondary School, home of the Eagles. It is my privilege to be your principal. As we continue to celebrate our 20th year it has been important to me to reflect back on the philosophies of Horizon Honors that have inspired my dedication to this school and each one of you.  Horizon Honors has always had the goals: Learn, Believe, Dream, and Dare.  These goals are merely admirable words on a page if they lack the most important element.  That element is you as a Horizon Honors High School or Middle School student choosing to TAKE ACTION.

On Soarin’ Eagle Day I challenged each one of you to “Take Action - Learn it.  Believe it. Dream it. Dare to Achieve it.”  I know you can visualize yourself in action in the simple day-to-day choices.  Make those actions intentional and not just a routine.  Choose to learn and not simply be taught.  Believe in yourself and be comfortable and confident in being you.  Dream of what you want, the big dreams and the little moments, and then dare yourself to decide to act.  The distance between dreams and reality is called action.

Sometimes action is paralyzed by uncertainty and fear, however action cures fear.  Are you overanalyzing everything?  Enough thinking, take action!  Do not allow anything to be a mental block to you being the BEST YOU you can be.  Action changes things – it makes things happen. What are you waiting for?

If you accept my challenge to TAKE ACTION, there’s one more step.  Try to take a moment each day to notice and reflect.  Maybe right before you go to sleep at night ask yourself, “What intentional actions did I take today?”  Then determine how you will be even stronger tomorrow.  I’ll be checking on each and every one of you throughout the school year, and I hope you will find personal growth that goes far beyond the limits of the classroom as you become the BEST YOU you can be!


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Mrs. Shaheen
Horizon Honors Secondary School Principal

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