Middle School Activities

National Junior Honor Society Members
Middle School listings are subject to change. For more information for meeting days and times please visit the Horizon Honors Secondary Calendar.

AI Research Club (AIR) The AIR Club seeks to learn more about the fundamental principals and mathematics of machine learning. Mrs. Cahill  7th-12th Grade
Anime & Manga Club
Enjoy anime and/or manga? Then come and make new friends who are also fans of anime and/or manga.  We will gather to watch and discuss our school appropriate favorites. Mrs. Elric
7th-12th Grade
Baking Club The Baking Club is for those who enjoy baking tasty foods and hanging out with friends. Food prep days alternate with planning days.  Enrollment is limited each semester for safety in the kitchen. Must Pay Club Dues
Mrs. Barden 7th & 8th Grade
Band Council Band Council is comprised of elected members from Symphonic Band. The function of the Band Council is to support the band program through leadership, fundraisers, social activities and service activities. Mr. Adam 7th-12th Grade
Calligraphy Club The Calligraphy Club is for students who wish to develop and enhance their skills with different fonts, organizations planners such as bullet journals, and exercises that include inspirational quotes.  No experience necessary to join. Mrs. Buttrey 7th & 8th Grade
Choir Council
Choir  Council is comprised of elected members from all choirs with leadership positions filled by members of the Cantabile Honors Chorale. Choir Council supports the choir program through fundraisers, social activities, performance opportunities, and festivals.
Mr. Granger
7th-12th Grade
Gamers Club The Gamers Club is for those who enjoy playing trading card games and board games. We welcome any students who enjoy a friendly game and a healthy and competitive atmosphere. Come and have fun! Miss Davis 7th & 8th Grade
Girls Who Code
Girls Who Code encourages and engages young women in computer science and programming while striving to increase the percentage of women in computer science. All experience levels are welcome.
Mrs. Cahill 7th-12th Grade 
Harry Potter Club If the idea of the world of Harry Potter sounds fun and interesting then come and enjoy. The club is dedicated to the study of the books and the reenactment of certain aspects of the lives of the students through playing quidditch or making food and drink from the stories.
Miss Di Chiara 7th-12th Grade
Jewish Student Union (JSU) JSU has been established to create a sense of community for Jewish students.  The club participates in discussions, study, and cultural celebrations. Outreach and community service will be included and sometimes this will be with other JSU clubs from other schools.
Mrs. Driggs 7th-12th Grade
NJHS -National Junior Honor Society This organization promotes the recognition of students who demonstrate outstanding accomplishments in the areas of scholarship, character, leadership, citizenship, and service. Its purpose is to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership, to develop character, and to encourage good citizenship among middle school students. Students are invited to apply for membership second semester based on GPA.  Must Pay Club Dues Ms. Di Chiara 7th & 8th Grade
Protecting Our Environment (POE) POE Club was created by students who care about recycling, reusing, and repurposing as many products as possible. Activities include textile drives, recycling cans and bottles as well as increasing awareness throughout campus about the need to recycle. There are field trips and community service hours available to students who participate in the various activities. Mrs. Kingman 7th-12th Grade  
Student Council (StuCo) Members of Student Council are to be role models for student behavior, leadership, and service.  Student Council members are expected to be a positive force in the classroom and model behavior that upholds Horizon Honor’s leadership expectations.  Student Council members are involved in sponsoring fundraising to support Middle School social opportunities and events, as well as community projects.  Members are expected to not only participate, but lead in community service projects throughout the school year. The council members are elected in August each school year.  And leadership roles are voted on by the council.
Miss Davis & Mrs. Wood 7th & 8th Grade
Travel Club Horizon Honors is excited to offer a variety of educational travel opportunities.  These opportunities not only enhance a student’s education, but create life experiences which build self-confidence.  Travel, whether national or international, awakens the senses—and mind—to different cultures, people, languages, and experiences.  Trips will vary by year and include a variety of opportunities including language immersion, service learning, and hand-on workshops or training.  Through these experiences students enhance their knowledge of history, language, art, architecture, theatre, literature, science, and culture while navigating the cities of the world, making friends, and having life experiences that create unforgettable memories.  Club members participate in pre-travel education and exercises to prepare for the specific trip and record on-trip reflections that recount each day's adventures to the Horizon Honors community via Facebook and Instagram.
Mrs. Wood (Leader) & 
Miss Davis
7th & 8th Grade