Student Interests

Students at Organization Fair
The school offers a wide range of student activities, including dozens of clubs and societies, U.S. and international travel opportunities, and comprehensive, award-winning performing arts and athletics programs. 

Social Activities
Developing the whole child is emphasized at Horizon Honors. The school sponsors age-appropriate social events throughout the school year, each with a unique theme or purpose. For Middle School, that includes events like themed socials and special lunch activities. In High School, students participate in activities like a Sadie Hawkins dance, Homecoming Week festivities, and Prom.

Community Service
Service to others and character-building lessons help students develop social excellence. When students participate in community service projects, their world view becomes challenged and diversified. Students in grades 9-12 participate in at least 40 hours of community service per year. The Student Councils, National Junior Honor Society, National Honor Society, Key Club and athletics teams organize students in community outreach, charity drives and a variety of projects throughout the Valley.


Horizon Honors comprehensive Art, Band, Chorus, Guitar, and Drama programs are competitive with other programs of any size throughout the state. There are several performing arts groups, with placement based on ability level. The performance groups have several concerts each year for the school community and also participate in local music festivals and regional and state music competitions. The art and drama groups have showcases open to the public throughout the school year.

Clubs & Leadership Organizations
A wide range of student-initiated clubs and leadership opportunities are available at all grade levels.
High School opportunities can be found here.
Middle School opportunities are available here

Travel Experiences
Horizon Honors is excited to offer a variety of educational travel opportunities to both Middle School and High School students. These experiences not only enhance a student’s education, but create life experiences which build self-confidence. Travel awakens the senses, and mind, to different cultures, people, languages, and experiences. Trips will vary by year and include a variety of opportunities including language immersion, service learning, and hands-on workshops or training. Through these experiences students enhance their knowledge of history, language, art, architecture, theatre, literature, science, and culture while navigating the cities and locations nationally and internationally, making friends, and having life experiences that create unforgettable memories.

The athletics program at Horizon Honors exists as an integral part of the total education experience for students. Horizon Honors High School is a member of the Arizona Scholastic Association (AIA) and are a member of the 3A conference.  Horizon Honors Middle School is a member of the VCSL League and competes against other similarly-sized schools.

Middle School:
Boys Basketball
Girls Basketball
Co-ed Cross Country
Co-ed Soccer
Girls Volleyball

High School:
Baseball (Junior Varsity & Varsity)
Boys Basketball (Junior Varsity & Varsity)
Girls Basketball (Junior Varsity & Varsity)
Co-ed Cross Country 
Co-ed Golf
Boys Soccer (Junior Varsity & Varsity)
Girls Soccer (Varsity)
Softball (Varsity)
Co-ed Cheer
Girls Beach Volleyball (Varsity)
Co-ed Swim & Dive
Co-ed Track & Field
Boys Volleyball (Junior Varsity & Varsity)
Girls Volleyball (Junior Varsity & Varsity)

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