Middle School Gives Back!

Middle School Gives Back!
Posted on 04/20/2019
Middle School Students Making Project at DeskHorizon Honors Middle School students participated in a second annual service learning day on Thursday, April 18 from 8:15-10:30 a.m. The day of service was organized after a large group of student expressed a desire to make a difference in their community. Sessions were planned to help students find their voices and activate a passion for service and all 280 students participated. Students choose which session they want to attend:

Project Linus - Create no-sew fleece blankets that are given by first responders and hospitals to children who are seriously ill, traumatized, or need the gift of a blanket to snuggle with during a difficult circumstance.

Comfort For Critters - Create no-sew fleece blankets and toys that are given to the Phoenix Humane Society to use to comfort the animals in shelters waiting to be adopted.

Cardz For Kidz - Create large, over the top, inspiring homemade cards that will be delivered to hospitalized or traumatized children across the globe by the Cardz For Kidz organization.

Pinwheels For Peace - Create decorative pinwheels with messages of peace to place around the community as a part of the International Peace project. A simple visual reminder of all about kindness and peace in our world.

Kindness Bracelets - Create friendship style bracelets that will be used by the Kindness Krew to support kindness initiatives in our elementary school.

Stress Relievers - Be a part of the solution and help a friend by creating easy assembly stress relieving objects to be used in the counseling office by students needing that type of a break in their day.

Finding Your Voice AND Letting Your Voice Be Seen For Finding Your Voice - Letters of Change, Support, or Gratitude: Receive support as you learn how to write an appropriate letter to your legislators, Governor, President, or the CEO of a corporation. Your opinion matters and should be heard. OR Write letters/create cards of support or gratitude to others who are making a difference in the world. This could be someone local like a parent, teacher, youth pastor, police officer, firefighter, etc. or someone far away who is making a difference by their actions.

Letting Your Voice Be Seen - Positive Messages: Create positive messages of self-worth, kindness, or grit to be displayed about the school. Design your own or use preprinted options. Make positive messages a part of our school’s daily experience. Kindness Rocks!!!!!!!: Create positive messages of self-worth, kindness, or grit by painting river rocks to be shared about the school and in the community. Make positive messages a part of our school’s daily experience.

Care Mats - Turn plastic grocery bags into weather resistant mats for the homeless - requires cutting strips, rolling and knotting plarn, and learning to crochet. Highly encouraged for students with crocheting skills.

Goodies For PAWS (Allergy Alert - peanuts) - Assemble ingredients, roll, cut, and bake dog treats for PAWS - Pound Animals Worth Saving.

Middle Schools Student Making Project at Table