Class of 2023 Wrap Up!

Class of 2023 Wrap Up!
Posted on 06/01/2023
Photo of Student Receiving Her Diploma

Congratulations to the Horizon Honors High School Class of 2023! We are so proud of their hard work and perseverance! 

Class of 2023 Highlights:

- 99 graduates
- $2.8 million in scholarships
- 1 National Merit Scholar
- 35 graduates have been at Horizon Honors since Kindergarten
- 95% college bound, 3% trade school, 2% workforce

Valedictorians: Rohan Bulusu & Bryce Tucker
Salutatorian: Andrew Smith

Valedictorian Speech Moments:
"When you pass back through those doors back there, yes, take heart in your immense successes and accomplishments of these past years. But for all the things we left behind: remember them. Remember where we came from. Their loss was the cost of our success, more so even perhaps than any number of sleepless nights or unrelenting pressures or tear-stained farewells."
- Rohan Bulusu

 "As you all walk out those doors and into that Arizona heat, I want to remind you of something. And that is the power of small choices. I know that for many of us, myself included, the future is uncertain and unfamiliar. But I hope that all of us can find joy in that, find potential in that. Never forget to be present and live a life dictated by your own choices. Every now and then, take a second to stop the day-to-day routine and consider how you really want to spend your time. All relationships, fundamental habits, major skills, and entire lifestyles start with one small choice, and are built with more. So take that first step: pick up the instrument you’ve always wanted to learn to play, call that friend you haven’t talked to in a long time, take that random class you’re interested in. Choose to respond with kindness and confidence as you react to events in your life, and pick your battles carefully. Take an active role in directing your life, make small, everyday choices that make you happy and that make even a little bit of progress toward your goals. Over time, as these choices become habits, you’ll be amazed at what you’re able to do. "
- Bryce Tucker

Check out all the photos from the ceremony HERE.

Photo of Student Holding Diploma
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